Visiting High Caliber Training Center in Illinois, a premier destination for firearm training and education, is an experience that combines excitement, learning, and safety in a controlled environment. For anyone looking to explore the world of shooting in a professional and supportive environment, High Caliber Training Center’s shooting range is undoubtedly the place to be.

4 Easy Steps to Get Out on the Range

First time shooters with us must complete the following prior to utilizing the range:

valid FOID card 

Present a valid FOID card or out of state Drivers License/State ID. Those over the age of 21 must posses a Valid FOID card.

driver’s license or state ID

In addition to a FOID card, you will need to show your driver’s license or state ID

Safety Video

Watch an 8.5 minute safety video


Fill out and sign our waivers

Facility Rules & Procedures

  • All IL residents must posses a valid FOID card or be accompanied by someone with a valid FOID card to be admitted to the range
  • Anyone without a valid FOID card must have a valid State ID
  • Pregnant and nursing mothers are not allowed on the range due to lead exposure
  • All shooters are required to sign a waiver and watch a safety video before admittance to the range
  • All ammunition to be used with rentals must be purchased through High Caliber
  • There is no limit on rapid fire, unless the shooter is unable to keep their shots on target
  • All firearms must remain in a case until they’re within the shooting booth

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