Facility Rules & Procedures

  • All IL residents must posses a valid FOID card or be accompanied by someone with a valid FOID card to be admitted to the range
  • Anyone without a valid FOID card must have a valid State ID
  • Pregnant and nursing mothers are not allowed on the range due to lead exposure
  • All shooters are required to sign a waiver and watch a safety video before admittance to the range
  • All ammunition to be used with rentals must be purchased through High Caliber
  • There is no limit on rapid fire, unless the shooter is unable to keep their shots on target
  • All firearms must remain in a case until they’re within the shooting booth

Prohibited Firearms and Ammunition

  • Black Powder Firearms
  • Long guns without iron sights, red dot, or scope
  • BB Guns
  • Steel Case/Core Ammunition
  • Personal Reloads
  • Shot Shells (slugs are permitted)

Dress Code

  • Sunglasses are not considered proper eye protection
  • Eye and ear protection is required for admittance to the range
  • Non protective ear wear (airpods, beats headphones, etc) are not considered proper ear protection

Age Requirements

  • Any shooter under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian